• Warm cozy welcoming and friendly atmosphere!
  • Fast stable 34Mbps Internet for uninterrupted work!
  • A premium selection of desk, screen(s), keyboard, mouse and base for your laptop to maximize the comfort of your wrists and eyes!
  • A chair that perfectly fits your body with an adjustable back pressure you will love!
  • Air conditioned, dry, filtered and clean air to enjoy every breath!

Open from 9:00 to 19:00

From the million places on planet earth we chose the Greek Island called Corfu as our base. The island has a unique charm which you can feel while being here. If you combine this with the fact that it is a lively island with a warm climate throughout the year, the intensely cultural vibe of Corfu town, the more than thirty connections with direct flights to major cities across Europe, the beautiful decorated traditional dishes locals cook and the change of scenery are only a few of the reasons of why we chose to be based here.

By creating COCOHUB space we are sharing with you a lifestyle where life and work are redefined and give you the opportunity to enjoy Corfu island while working alongside likeminded people in a non competitive environment where you can make new connections, new friends and create memorable experiences expressed in a single word as #coislanding

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